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Studio Nikita is an interior architecture firm specialized in visual design. Based in Marbella we have 

experience in creating renders for private residences as well as corporate spaces for office use, restaurants, marketing

materials and floorplans. We offer a variety of different products and solutions depending on your needs as a client.


Our goal is to deliver a product to you which embodies the visions you have of your project.Through close collaboration 

with our interior architect Nikita Ryberg, her eye for detail, ambition and innovation includes you in the journey from idea 

to finished product.  


A lifelong love of all things interior design, it was a not a choice but a feeling of purpose that led Nikita to an education in 

Interior Architecture. This passion of creating doesn’t only include  working in front of the computer screen but in making her own furniture, painting, and photography.

A perfectionist at heart, she is the last to leave any job until everything is done to the absolute highest standard and quality. 

We are always open to discussing new projects, creative ideas and opportunities or any part of your vision

For questions and quotes, please do not hesitate to contact us.